It’s all about Spring(s)!

Nearly all of the larger pieces of Pilates equipment feature springs. Have you ever wondered why?

Legacy Wunda Chair

Springs can provide both assistance and resistance. As a general rule, the lighter the spring the more stability required, and the heavier the springs the more peripheral strength is needed. When people first start using the larger equipment, for example taking a Reformer class, they may think that heavier springs provide the hardest workout, but it’s often the other way round!

Our studio is equipped with Legacy Reformers, Tower, Wunda Chair and Barrels. Replicating the original pieces found in Joseph Pilates’ New York studio, these use a number of differently tensioned springs. The Reformers have 4 equal springs, the Wunda Chair has 2 equal springs, and the Tower has a full range – Leg springs, Arm springs, Roll Back Bar springs, Push Through springs and Tower springs to name but a few.

Springs should be set to a level that allows you to be in full control of your movement, which is why sometimes we change the tension (number of springs) and the height/placement to suit individual clients. When you book a 1:1 or 1:2 at the studio you can be sure of that individual attention that ensures your safety. We will teach you to change the Reformer and Wunda Chair springs – but we constantly check to make sure they are correct.

Using the springs – or at least thinking about what they are doing, can also help regulate breath work. You could try inhaling when lengthening the spring and exhaling as the pedal or carriage returns and the spring recoils.

If you’ve not experienced the benefits of the larger pieces of equipment, why not come along and book a session at the studio?

And once you’ve been a few times and have become more familiar with each piece, you will be able to join the Equipment Circuit Session – a fun way to further challenge your mind and body with a small group of like-minded people.

Wrap up ready for Autumn Pilates!

As we head towards misty mornings and chillier evenings, it’s time to don a warm sweater after your Pilates workout at the studio.

Many of you have commented on my branded tops – so I’ve asked the fabulous Lu at Toodlepip Designs to create some kit. We’ve come up with a selection of tops to suit all tastes and temperature (and hopefully budgets).

What will you choose? Perhaps a comfy organic cotton T shirt to allow you freedom of movement? Or my favourite, the Heather Grey relaxed fit sweat to pull on after a class?

Ladies Organic Cotton / Recycled Polyester Sweater

Relaxed Fit XS – 2XL £45

Navy, Cream Heather Grey, Burgundy, Lava Grey

Unisex 80/20 Cotton/Polyester Sweat

Standard Fit XS – 2XL £35

Airforce Blue, Natural Stone, Olive, Navy, Burgundy

Unisex Organic Cotton T shirt

Standard Fit XS – 2XL £23

Top: Cream Heather Grey, Heather Sand, Burgundy

Bottom: Hibiscus Rose, Dark Heather Blue, Sage

Ladies Organic Cotton Vest Top

XS – XL £20

Navy, Caribbean Blue, Burgundy

Have your own top and want to add the KA Pilates branding to it?

Based on a 2 colour design vinyl*, logo to front and vertical text to the back. Sweatshirts / T shirts / Vest Tops = £8

*Vinyl application subject to material type.

If you would like order your snuggly sweater for after class, please give us a shout?

Please be aware there is a 3 week lead time once your payment link has been received as each item is hand-printed by Lu at Toodlepip. If you’re ordering as a Christmas gift, you’ll need to let us know ASAP as she gets very busy!