Studio Sessions

Pilates is a system or method of exercise and as such it uses a variety of pieces of larger equipment. The equipment was originally designed to enhance Mat Pilates – and it’s the same in the studio today. You will be switching between the Reformer, the Barrels, the Tower, High Mat and the Wunda Chair.

The Pilates Reformer Repertoire can be performed seated, laying down, kneeling, side-lying and standing. The Reformer adds an extra challenge to the mat syllabus and so it can assist you in reaching your full potential and help you understand the requirements of the mat classes.

Working on the Tower is a wonderful way to identify and correct any imbalances in your body using whole body movements. The Barrel Collection will assist your body to work through every range of motion whilst strengthening your back and abdominal area. The Wunda Chair will challenge your body like nothing else – it takes no prisoners!

These sessions are taught at 3 different levels – Essential, Intermediate and Advanced, and will give a total body work out that is low impact. As a result Studio Sessions are ideal for toning and strengthening all areas of the body.

Private lessons are tailored to meet your individual needs and to achieve this we will discuss what you hope to gain from the sessions and how you might best work towards improved levels of fitness.


1:1 Studio Session

1:1 lessons are 45 minutes long and held in the studio. They are ideal for those recovering from injury or who are working towards a specific fitness or sporting goal. Equally, you may wish to invest in your body and ensure it works to the best of its ability. 1:1s are also ideal for pre-natal clients allowing complete focus on you and your needs.

Cost: £42 per session. (Payable in advance)

1:2 Studio Session

1:2 lessons are 45 minutes long, held in the studio, and are perfect for those who like to work out with a friend or partner.

Cost: £54 per session. (£27 per person per session, payable in advance)

To discuss your personal requirements, please contact Kate.